Definitions for "Blue Angel"
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A German environmental label, which covers many products, including paper. It takes a ‘cradle to grave' approach, considering manufacture and disposal as well as product use.
A German eco-label. To achieve this, paper has to contain 100% post-consumer waste.
Blue Angel was the band that featured Cyndi Lauper before her rise to fame as a solo singer. The lineup also included John Turi on keyboard instrument and saxophone, Arthur "Rockin' A" Nelson (guitar), Lee Brovitz (bass guitar) and Johnny Morelli (drums). Lauper and Turi wrote the bulk of their material, and the group also covered pop standards, such as Mann/Weil's "I'm Gonna Be Strong" (which Lauper covered again in a 1994 album).
the sodium salt of amobarbital that is used as a barbiturate; used as a sedative and a hypnotic
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a dangerous drink simply on the nausea scale