Definitions for "Bloodroot"
A plant (Sanguinaria Canadensis), with a red root and red sap, and bearing a pretty, white flower in early spring; -- called also puccoon, redroot, bloodwort, tetterwort, turmeric, and Indian paint. It has acrid emetic properties, and the rootstock is used as a stimulant expectorant. See Sanguinaria.
perennial woodland native of North America having a red root and red sap and bearing a solitary lobed leave and white flower in early spring and having acrid emetic properties; rootstock used as a stimulant and expectorant
A plant whose name refers to its red root and orange-red sap. Its leaves are lobed and heart-shaped; a single white flower appears very early in Spring.
Dr. Andrew Weil has stated that Bloodroot preparations can be used as an effective alternative remedy in the treatment of skin cancers and moles.