Definitions for "Blocker"
The padded glove in which the goaltender holds his stick.
For the goalie, the glove that goes on the hand that holds the stick.
The goalie's blocking glove or the pad attached to it.
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The person who shapes the glass, fresh from the furnace, and blows the first bubble of air through a blow pipe, into the glass.
The glass worker that actually “blows” the first bubble through the blowpipe and then subsequently transfers that blow-pipe to the Gaffer.
A glass worker that “blows” the first air bubble through a blowpipe. They then transfer the blow-pipe to the next glass worker, a Gaffer.
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A word that can't be extended or that is difficult to build on (e.g., VEXT)
A word which can't be extended or which is difficult to build on: e.g. VLY
a bootstrap or wafer that is inserted in your receiver in addition to your subscription card
a small file that you apply to your card in order to prevent the datastream from locking the back door of your card at a Rev that cannot be unlocked as of yet
Blocker is a cricketing slang term for a defending batsman, the opposite of biffer. In earlier times (particularly pre-World War II) cricketers were either professional or amateur. Typically, but not universally, amateurs would be "biffers" and professionals "blockers".
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Blocker One or several balls that lie between an otherwise playable ball and a potential scoring pocket, or between the cue ball and the playable object ball such that a direct shot to the pocket is blocked, turning the shot into at best a challenging combination.
A style of play where blocking is the primary shot.
a great help (yet, not always required) while fighting against powerful creatures, such as Black Knights and Dragons
Preform die or impression, used when part cannot be made in a single operation.
A card required by one player that is already in possession of another player.
a football player whose responsibility is to block players attempting to stop an offensive play
A player who takes part in a block.
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a bug serious enough to block a release
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A program that blocks unwanted content or spam.
A bowl that blocks someone (usually an opponent) from reaching the desired target.
a class of drugs that inhibit (block) some biological process
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A member of a particular block: F-blocker, E-blocker, and so on.