Definitions for "BLOC"
Riding or going "à bloc" means giving it all you've got, going all out, riding as hard as one possibly can (which can be dangerous for it leaves one in a state where recovery is needed, and therefore vulnerable to being attacked). Example: "I really gave it all in the last kilometres, although I didn't think it was possible until I crossed the line. I just went 'à bloc' " -- Alexander Vinokourov describing his win of the final stage of the 2005 Tour de France.[ edit
a group of countries in special alliance
a coalition of people, groups or nations with the same purpose or goal
a group of countries or political parties with a common aim
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( Block) The data is organised into blocks on the CD, containing a header, the data, error correction and information checks. This is the minimum logical addressable unit found on a CD, and each one has a logical block number to enable the data to be found.
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See trading bloc.
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a system without parts