Definitions for "Blinds"
Keywords:  holdem, ante, compulsory, dealer, dealt
In holdem, these are the forced bets that take the place of an ante. The player on the left of the dealer (or dealer button) must pay the small blind and the person after him must pay the big blind.
A type of ante paid by players to the immediate left of the dealer. Derives from having to put up a bet before seeing any cards. The blinds start the action, providing a prize to compete for. There are usually two, the small blind and big blind. Since the dealer position rotates, so do the blinds, hence everyone pays.
Forced bets put in by one or sometimes more players before any cards are dealt
Window shades
Blinds can be used alone or combined with fabric window fashions for a cozier look. Blinds are good options to consider when you're looking for something for light control and privacy. Our blinds, both horizontal and vertical, come complete with mounting hardware. You may need to use wall anchors if you are not mounting into wood or a wall stud. Our vertical blinds are outside mount only.
Narrow flat strips of material used to shade light or vision from windows or doorways.
The dead-ends of the Mazes, it also means anything impossible or hopeless, as in, "He'll hit the blinds if he tries lying to the factol."
Water samples containing a chemical of known concentration given a fictitious company name and slipped into the sample flow of the lab to test the impartiality of the lab staff.
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