Definitions for "Blaze"
Keywords:  forehead, bark, streak, trail, stripe
A white spot on the forehead of a horse.
A spot made on trees by chipping off a piece of the bark, usually as a surveyor's mark.
To mark (a tree) by chipping off a piece of the bark.
A stream of gas or vapor emitting light and heat in the process of combustion; a bright flame.
To shine with flame; to glow with flame; as, the fire blazes.
a strong flame that burns brightly; "the blaze spread rapidly"
To make public far and wide; to make known; to render conspicuous.
Blaze is a British heavy metal band formed in 1999 by former Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley. Blaze have so far released 3 studio albums and one live album.
Blaze is Lagwagon's sixth album, released in 2003.
Keywords:  blazon
To blazon.
Keywords:  resplendent
To be resplendent.
Blaze are an electronica band formed in 1984 in New Jersey, USA. It was formed by Josh Milan, Kevin Hedge and Chris Herbert, when Herbert introduced Milan, a member of his church choir to Hedge, his childhood friend. Ironically, Herbert was the one who left the band in 1991, leaving Milan and Hedge to keep working together.
A bursting out, or active display of any quality; an outburst; a brilliant display.
To send forth or reflect glowing or brilliant light; to show a blaze.
Keywords:  blast, sudden, scottish, scotland, dry
A Scottish term for a sudden blast of dry wind.
In Scotland, a sudden blast of dry wind.
Blaze is a 1989 film starring Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovich.
Blaze is the mascot of the University of Alabama at Birmingham's athletics teams. He is a European dragon.
Keywords:  flashy, showy, person
A flashy or showy person.
noisy and unrestrained mischief; "raising blazes"
a global publisher of mobile games with unique expertise in connected game play
a series of serious punches, kicks and grap
Blaze is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series.
Keywords:  cannabis, smoke
To smoke Cannabis
Keywords:  outrank, five, flush, hand, cards
A non-standard poker hand consisting of five face cards.
A hand of five face cards that is used to outrank a flush. Now a hand like that would blaze up a game
A five-card hand containing five picture cards.
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a bonus site for our main site at FFA Storm
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A fast file searcher using file indexes
Keywords:  hell, suffering, war, difficulty, cause
a cause of difficulty and suffering; "war is hell"; "go to blazes"
great brightness; "a glare of sunlight"; "the flowers were a blaze of color"
Intense, direct light accompanied with heat; as, to seek shelter from the blaze of the sun.