Definitions for "Bland"
The absence of flavour often found in low grown Robusta coffees. Also caused by under extraction (too little coffee or too coarse a grind).
lacking either stimulating or irritating characteristics; "a bland pudding"; "a bland diet for her irritated stomach"
lacking taste or flavor or tang; "a bland diet"; "insipid hospital food"; "flavorless supermarket tomatoes"; "vapid beer"; "vapid tea"
Mild; soft; gentle; smooth and soothing in manner; suave; as, a bland temper; bland persuasion; a bland sycophant.
Having soft and soothing qualities; not drastic or irritating; not stimulating; as, a bland oil; a bland diet.
Not complimentary. Mild, easy, characterless; not unpleasant.
lacking stimulating characteristics; uninteresting; "a bland little drama"; "a flat joke"