Definitions for "Blanc"
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A white cosmetic.
A white sauce of fat, broth, and vegetables, used esp. for braised meat.
Louis (1811-1882): French utopian socialist and politician; he was made Minister of Labour in the government that emerged during the revolution of 1848, and tried to employ the Parisian jobless in "National Workshops" whose closures subsequently caused the workers' insurrection of June 1848.
This variety was often mixed up with chardonnay in the vineyards of Burgundy because the clusters look so similar. They both make full-bodied wines. Pinot blanc, however, has very discreet fragrance and generally low acidity, giving it a short shelf life. Look for Italian and Alsatian versions, which are very affordable, at around $10 to $12 the bottle. They are full bodied an unoaked. Serve with Coquille Saint-Jacques, lemon chicken, or pasta with a cream sauce. California versions are generally very oaky, and are hard to distinguish from a heavily oaked chardonnay. Serve these with red snapper with homemade tartar sauce, halibut in beurre blanc, cracked crab, or roast chicken.
Usually breast (of chicken).
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lightly salted, un-smoked or very lightly smoked ham, served cooked; sold, cold, in charcuteries as jambon de Paris, glacé, or demi-sel
Blanc is a Javascript toolkit that makes web development easier and faster.It supports both ajax-based and old-fashion web applications.
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A smooth low-fat cheese similar to cottage cheese.