Definitions for "Blades"
The wide flat section of the oar at the head of the shaft, also known as the spoon. This term is often used when referring to the entire oar.
Most windmills have either two or three blades. Air passing over the blades creates a difference in pressure and causes them to lift and rotate. Some windmills are designed to operate upwind, with their blades facing the wind; others are designed to run downwind, facing away from the wind.
The aerodynamic surface that catches the wind.
The Blades are a fictional organization in The Elder Scrolls game series, including The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. They were originally intended to be a fighting team from Dune, Elsewyr in the original concept of Arena, but when Arena's plot and gameplay were reworked to be what it is now, the Blades were adopted instead as the guardians of the Emperor|1.
Blades is one of The Protectobots who are an emergency, search and rescue team of five Autobots in the Transformers toyline. They transform into civilian service and emergency vehicles and combine to form the "combiner" Defensor.
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An award given (a) Torpids: when last year's crew hit the bank and went down a whole division, (b) Eights: when you're actually not too bad and someone up there (but not necessarily God) likes you.
Type of golf club that is the most difficult to hit because the sweet spot is the smallest. Also known as forged clubs.
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Blades of an impeller MW Manway, largest access point to the tank.
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See skates.
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To smoke hash by placing a small amount between two hot knives and then inhaling the smoke through a tube
Move the airflow in a ceiling or desktop fan. Blades are made of plywood, laminated woods or plastic.
A computing system that includes processors and memory on a single board, but where other resources such as power, cooling, network access, and storage services are shared. Blades are designed to be easily installed and removed and are typically smaller than rack-optimized servers.
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Non cavity backed irons.
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hands not closed in a fist, but in line w/ your arms