Definitions for "blackout"
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A game of Bingo in which all boxes have to be checked in order to be a winner.
This is when all the numbers on the card have been covered. A blackout usually happens when the 50th number is called. In the rarest of cases the period may extend to the 60th number too.
a certain pattern where to whole card must be covered in order to win.
any darkness resulting from the extinction of lights.
the failure of electric power for a general region sufficient to extinguish all normal lighting.
a period during which artificial lighting is forbidden, as in a city as a precaution against an air raid.
a memory gap caused by drinking that can last hours or days
an amnesia-like period often confused with passing out or losing consciousness
an amnesia-like period that is often associated with drinking
a momentary loss of consciousness.
partial or total loss of memory.
Indicates the loss of electricity to a pinsetter or an automatic shutoff mode to avoid damage to the machinery.
a suspension of radio or tv broadcasting.
the prohibition of the broadcasting of a sports event, such as a boxing match or football game, sometimes confined to one particular area. It is usually done to encourage sales of tickets to the event.
in television, when a sports event in a local area is not carried by a television station by reason of a formal agreement with the league or owner of the event.
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Blackout is a 1982 album by the German Heavy metal band Scorpions.
Blackout is the fourth studio album from Dropkick Murphys, released in 2003. It was released with a DVD, which contained live videos for "Rocky Road to Dublin" and "Boys on the Dock", a music video for "Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight", and a trailer for their then upcoming untitled full-length DVD, which became On The Road With The Dropkick Murphys.
"Blackout" is a song originally written by David Bowie in 1977 for his album "Heroes".
a temporary period of time during which the participants are not allowed to make changes to their 401(k) accounts or to receive distributions or loans. This generally occurs during a conversion to a new recordkeeper, or when significant changes are being made to the plan.
A period of time during which participants are not allowed to make changes to their 401(k) balances. This generally occurs during a conversion to a new recordkeeper, or when significant changes are being made to the plan. The blackout gives the providers time to test and validate the new platform and/or provisions.
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Blackout is an original novel based on the U.S. television series Buffy.
Blackout (also credited in films as Michael Biggins) is a comedian. As an actor, singer, writer, film-maker, television, radio show host and comedian, Blackout is an all around entertainer with a philosophical theatre of the absurd slant. He is probably best known on the internet for his prank calls and character acting.
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Blackout was an American game show that aired on CBS for 13 weeks, from January 4 to April 1, 1988. It was hosted by Bob Goen. Johnny Gilbert announced until the final two weeks, when Jay Stewart took over; this would prove to be Stewart's last announcing job.
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a frightening thing to witness
Extended zero voltage conditions caused by lightning, generator failure, transformer failure, and ground faults.
An AC power failure lasting anywhere from a few cycles to several hours or even days in duration.
A zero-voltage condition lasting for more than two cycles.
The seasonal period when special fares or employee discounts are not honored for travel on airlines.
a period where the signal communication between the satellite and the antenna is lost and no signal is able to appear on the T
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The act of visiting every cell in a Maze. After having solved a Maze one may want to start exploring other passages for fun. Once you've visited every section at least once, you've achieved blackout for that Maze. This can refer to the actions of a person or a computer algorithm in navigating it.
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Condition where the exit pupil of a scope is smaller than the pupil of the shooter, which results in the target image forming on only part of the eye, with a surrounding black ring. This makes it more difficult to focus on the target.
a condition where a major portion or all of an electrical network is de-energized with much of the system tied together through closed breakers
suppression of information distribution; as, there was a blackout on news from the military for the first day of the Gulf War.
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a likely scenario in either a short-term or long-term crisis, so that is a good place to begin
In a high Gravity turn, pilot's blood is sucked out of the brain, into the lower body. It can cause unconsciousness. Usually prevented by the G-suits worn by pilots.
Blackout is the name of four different fictional characters in the Transformers universes.
A scheduled suspended state for application classes and parameters. No information is collected for parameters or reports, and no parameters will alarm or warn in the blacked out application.
a regular practice in the bargaining process and is not intended to keep the membership in the dark