Definitions for "BLACK & WHITE"
Abbreviated as B&W. Black & White photographs are rendered in degrees of a single shade: grey. Because they do not show colours, B&W photographs represent degrees of luminosity and are therefore based on highlights, shadows and contrast. See also MONOCHROME, GRAYSCALE.
An image that contains no colour in film terms this is a pure silver halide image containing no colour dyes. In digital files it can be a full RGB file that has been de-saturated or it can be a Grayscale image.
Monochrome or luminance information. Monochrome means one color. In the color television system the black and white portion of the picture has to be one "color"; gray, D6500, at a color temperature of 6500K as defined by x and y values in the 1939 CIE color coordinate system.
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See bitonal.
In art preparation, the individual elements of a mechanical, not necessarily in position.