Definitions for "BITS"
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In binary data, each unit of data is a bit. Each bit is represented by either 0 or 1, and is stored in memory as ON or OFF state.
Binary Digit. One digit of a binary number, either zero or one. Bits are the smallest components of bytes.
per second, as oposed to Bps (Bytes per seccond). broadband
The technology arm of the Bankers Roundtable, whose membership comprises the top 125 bank holding companies in the United States. BITS' mission is to help banks develop electronic-banking and e-commerce initiatives, and to address and resolve critical industry issues (such as competitive disintermediation and reduction of infrastructure costs).
Bureau of Information Technology Services ( Administrative Services Division)
BBSRC Biosciences Information Technology Service
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Bi nary digi ts.
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Usually denotes a drill bit
Small pieces of metal held in a chuck for the purpose of drilling holes (drill bits), cutting slots or shapes (router or milling bits) or driving fasteners (screwdriver bits) Drill bits are long and slender with sharp edges on one end used in portable drills or drill presses. Router bits are short and thick, with a reduced size stem to fit in the collet style chuck and sharp edges on the sides and/or bottom. Screwdriver bits are short slender rods usually with a hex shape at one end for fitting in a similarly shaped holder/handle or a chuck and a large variety of shapes at the other for fitting hex, Phillips, slotted, Allen, Torx, and many other shaped driving slots.
gathers of clear or color on a punty rod applied to the piece.
Building Integrated Timing System
The BITS is the master timing supply for an entire building, which is a master clock and its ancillary equipment. The BITS supplies DS1 and/or composite clock timing references for synchronization to all other clocks and timing sources in that building.
Building Integrated Timing Supply. A single building master timing supply that minimizes the number of synchronization links entering an office. Sometimes referred to as a Synchronization Supply Unit.
BITS is a Bug Identification and Tracking System. It is similar to Bugzilla in concept but has an unique design and workflow. BITS support multiple concurrent projects, small or large and is currently targeted at corporate-like environments.
Bilateral Investment Treaties
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A short section of material so related that it is easy to memorize. Also called Chunks, Series.
n. The assorted components used to play a game. Most of time this term is applied to game components of higher quality. Note that the singular, bit, is almost never used in a gaming sense.
a nonprofit corporation dedicated to finding new homes and careers for unwanted horses
Bulletin of IT services
Background Intelligent Transfer Service, more information ...
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Burn-in Test Socket
Bank Interchange and Transfer System
(slang) The electronic version of a document, as opposed to the paper version.