Definitions for "Bitmapped Image"
Keywords:  jagged, pixel, dpi, grid, dots
A bitmapped image is one made from an array of dots rather than continuous lines or areas.
this is what often occurs at the client's end when there is a problem with an EPS map or graphic in a weather page. A novice client will often use terms such as "squiggily", "fax-like", "jagged" and "rough" to describe a bitmapped image. Another indication that the graphic is bitmapped is that the text on the map or graphic may be unreadable. NP graphics will request the client to at least fax the part of the weather page containing the graphic to confirm or dismiss bitmapping as a preliminary trouble-shooting procedure.
Image consisting entirely of pixels (small squares of uniform size arranged in a grid). The resolution, or quality, of a bitmapped image is measured in dots per inch (DPI).