Definitions for "Bitmap"
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an image arranged accordingly to bit location in columns. Resolution of a PostScript file processed through a RIP will have a bitmap image with the characteristics and resolution of the particular output device (for example, laser printer at 300 upto 1200dpi, imagesetters at 1270dpi upto 5080dpi).
A bitmap defines a map of ‘1's and ‘0's. When used for resource allocation, ‘1' indicates an allocated resource and ‘0' indicates that no resources were allocated. Bitmaps are also used in re-transmission systems to indicate which packets or frames should be sent again.
A raster image. A collection of dots called pixels that make up an image. Sample bitmap
A rectangular array of bits. Also, the primitive rendered by the glBitmap() command, which uses its bitmap parameter as a mask.
A rectangular array of values that can be associated with a screen area.
A bitmap is a rectangular array of elements, where each element holds either an inside value or an outside value.
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cabinet capi caret cdrom
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a group of teethmarks.
A color picture consisting of one or more bitplanes.
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"Cleaner" version of ASCII. RB: 1
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Another term for a line-art scan file or scanner setting. Refers to the pattern (map) of bits that are either black or white.
Bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X window System.
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An entity of data (byte or word) in which individual bits contain independent control or status information.
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