Definitions for "Bite"
To seize with the teeth, so that they enter or nip the thing seized; to lacerate, crush, or wound with the teeth; as, to bite an apple; to bite a crust; the dog bit a man.
To seize something forcibly with the teeth; to wound with the teeth; to have the habit of so doing; as, does the dog bite?
The act of seizing with the teeth or mouth; the act of wounding or separating with the teeth or mouth; a seizure with the teeth or mouth, as of a bait; as, to give anything a hard bite.
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When the ball stops, rather than rolls, when it lands.
The backspin applied to a ball that makes the ball stop dead.
The backspin imparted on the ball that makes the ball stop dead, or almost so, with little or no roll.
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To cause sharp pain, or smarting, to; to hurt or injure, in a literal or a figurative sense; as, pepper bites the mouth.
To cause a smarting sensation; to have a property which causes such a sensation; to be pungent; as, it bites like pepper or mustard.
To cause sharp pain; to produce anguish; to hurt or injure; to have the property of so doing.
To puncture, abrade, or sting with an organ (of some insects) used in taking food.
The act of puncturing or abrading with an organ for taking food, as is done by some insects.
cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort; "The sun burned his face"
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To take hold of; to hold fast; to adhere to; as, the anchor bites the ground.
To take or keep a firm hold; as, the anchor bites.
The tendency for a tire to adhere to the track surface. “Round of Bite” denotes the adjustment of a car’s jacking screws located at each wheel.
Corrosive effect of acid on a metal plate.
The etching or corrosion produced on a metal plate when it is submerged in an acid bath.
The action of an acid when etching.
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a genuine medical emergency, even if the pet who has been bitten seems fine afterward
1. lunch 2. the expected result of petting a pit bull. 3. See byte, nibble.
The astringency that imparts a sought-after quality to black teas.
Astringent or tangy quality of the infusion.
Not a taste, but the astringent puckeriness that gives black tea its refreshing quality.
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To cheat; to trick; to take in.
A cheat; a trick; a fraud.
A sharper; one who cheats.
The dimension by which the edge of the glass product is engaged into the glazing channel.
Amount of adhesive overlap between the pinchweld and windshield.
The dimension by which the framing system overlaps the edge of the glazing infill.
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To take a bait into the mouth, as a fish does; hence, to take a tempting offer.
A surgical stitch. "Take a bigger bite" means make the stitch longer.
(angling) an instance of a fish taking the bait; "after fishing for an hour he still had not had a bite"
a light informal meal
a cafe that serves snacks, sandwiches and beverages
a little; snack; light meal
This means when you toys out there come to our site and open a flick you think is pretty fucking dope, you then grab your pen and pad and start copying what you see. This is called BITING off another artists/writers original work. This is also known as Jocking, or my personal favorite "Dick Riding." Those who Bite are considered to be a toy, if your a toy and do not know what TOY means please see "toy" in the glossary for a full explanation.
To copy another writer's style. This is considered a no-no and is looked down upon, even though writers often borrow imagery from cartoons and comics.
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uilt- est quipment.
a nice size meatball, the servging of dip, half a deviled egg, one skewer of the antipasto
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a lethal assault
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This dream omens ill. It implies a wish to undo work that is past undoing. You are also likely to suffer losses through some enemy.
Abbreviation for built-in test equipment. Features designed into a piece of equipment that allow on-line diagnosis of failures and operating status. Status LEDs are one example.
BITE is an acronym for Built In Test Equipment. The BITE is characterized primarily as a passive fault management and diagnosis built into airborne systems to support the maintenance process.
A blank on the edge or corner of a page, owing to a portion of the frisket, or something else, intervening between the type and paper.
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A morsel; as much as is taken at once by biting.
an instant red card, and once proven, there can be only one course of action
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a kiss of failure" said by Dr
a portion removed from the whole; "the government's weekly bite from my paycheck"
A small segment of sound used in radio.
Sound bite. A short interview segment with associated audio intended as part of a production.
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penetrate or cut, as with a knife; "The fork bit into the surface"
an online restaurant delivery service
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The hold which the short end of a lever has upon the thing to be lifted, or the hold which one part of a machine has upon another.
Ability of a coating to penetrate and soften a previous coating or substrate.
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The amount of turn a spin bowler can obtain from the surface of the pitch.
Keywords:  bread, solid, left, food, mouthful
a small amount of solid food; a mouthful; "all they had left was a bit of bread"
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(1) A borrowing, to borrow. (2) An attempt to borrow.
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a trained procedure
a marketing and communications tool that gets results
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A request for a loan.