Definitions for "Bit Map"
A representation of graphic images as rows of dots. The value of each dot (whether it is filled in or not) is stored in computer memory as bits of data (0 and 1, or On and Off). The density of the dots, known as the resolution, determines how sharply the image is represented. This is often expressed in dots per inch ( DPI) or simply by the number of rows and columns, such as 640 by 480.
A digitized image that is mapped into a grid of pixels. These types of images cannot be enlarged or printed at higher resolutions without developing jagged edges.
(.bmp file) - a dot-by-dot description of an electronic image.
a string of bits that indicate whether enough space is available in a CI or OSAM block to contain an occurrence of the longest segment defined for the data set
A specialized form of an index indicating the existence or non-existence of a condition for a group of blocks or records.
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a one-bit TIFF typically used for line art.
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