Definitions for "Bisphosphonate"
A type of medication used to build and strengthen bone, treat osteoporosis and manage bone pain caused by bone metastasis (breast cancer that has spread to the bone) . Bisphosphonates may be used in women affected by breast cancer who are at risk for bone loss or for bone metastasis. Also called diphosphonate. An example of a bisphosphonate is alendronate sodium (brand name: Fosamax).
A drug that restricts the action of bone-destroying cells.
the general name for a family of bone-seeking medicines that slow the action of osteoclasts, decrease bone resorption and slow bone loss as well as decreasing risks for fracture. All bisphosphonates must be taken at least an hour away from food and two hours away from calcium, vitamins and iron. Members of the bisphosphonate family include etidronate, clodronat, alendronate and risedronate.