Definitions for "Biryani"
Keywords:  saffron, basmati, spices, rice, dish
A basmati rice dish containing fried vegetables and served mainly with a vegetable curry sauce.
An exotic Indian rice preparation where rice (of best quality) and main ingredient (in gravy) are cooked together.
This is a dish of Persian origin, served at festivals and special occasions and cooked in a casserole style lidded pot or pan. Pieces of meat, fish or vegetables are browned in hot oil or ghee, partly cooked in a spiced sauce and placed in the casserole then covered with partially cooked rice over which saffron coloured milk is dribbled, so that some of the rice is coloured yellow. The pot is covered with a tightly fitting lid and the cooking is then completed. In restaurants a biryani is generally served with a vegetable curry.