Definitions for "Bipolar"
Doubly polar; having two poles; as, a bipolar cell or corpuscle.
DIY: A semiconductor, such as a transistor, in which both negative and positive charge carriers are used. Compare to Unipolar.
Using both positive and negative values in the range of operation.
A neurological disorder involving mood extremes, often difficult to distinguish from AD/HD; once known as manic-depressive disorder
of or relating to manic depressive illness
Commonly known as manic depressive illness, bipolar disorder involves mood swings from "high" episodes of mania to periods of depression. Between episodes, the manic depressive often experiences the normal range of moods. The manic episodes are distinguished by feelings of euphoric happiness, irritability, and high levels of energy. There are different categories of bipolar disorder. Most respond to various kinds of treatment.
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Technique of knapping where a core is rested on an anvil and force applied into the core at an angle close to 90o in the direction of the core's contact with the anvil.
A core or a flake, which, presumably, has been struck on an anvil. That is, the core from which the flake has been struck has been rotated before the flake has been struck off. Bifacial platforms tend to indicate that the flake has come off a heavily worked core.
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A freak.
An international system with two dominant powers or two groups of states. The cold war competition between the United States and Soviet Union was considered a bipolar system. Close Window
With incompatibility between homokaryons controlled by one pair of alleles; a single dikaryon gives rise to two different mating types; also referred as unifactorial.
an EEG measurement taken between two (generally 10-20) locations on the scalp, designed to measure the brain activity in the regions near and between the two locations
Malden Mills' fabric technology that uses different weaving techniques, yarn types, and chemical treatments on each side (inside and outside) of the fabric. This creates a double-faced polyester fabric that reacts to the different conditions on each side of the surface. BiPolar technology is available in lightweight, midweight, and expedition or heavyweight fleeces.
One silicon technology used in ICs; radiation-resistant, faster than CMOS at the expense of higher power dissipation.
Bipolar is Vanilla Ice's fifth album. It is a double album, consisting of a heavy metal themed disc as well as a rap one.
A speaker with drivers mounted on the front and rear of the cabinet, radiating in phase to create a large spherical soundstage. The Mirage M-1 was the first Bipolar speaker.
A relatively new type of speaker design that radiates sound to both the front and rear of the speaker cabinet at the same time in order to recreate the sense of space at a live event or in the case of a subwoofer in order to lower distortion and fill the room more evenly with bass.
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adj.: Refers to someone who has homes in Nome, Alaska, and Buffalo, New York.
bifunctional material with a surface that can act as an electron donor as well as an electron acceptor
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FM oscillator signal-to-noise ratio
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either terminal may have a higher voltage than the other