Definitions for "biotin"
a B vitamin (C10H16N2O3S) that aids in body growth; -- called also vitamin H and coenzyme R. It functions as a coenzyme in many carboxylation reactions.
is part of a group of vitamins called "water-soluble vitamins". These vitamins are exactly that - soluble in water. Biotin is the only water-soluble vitamin that has bought about obvious visible changes in horses thought to be perfectly healthy. It occurs in natural feedstuffs in very small amounts. It is extremely important for good hoof development. Biotin not only plays a crucial role in hoof quality through keratin production of the hoof horn, it is also one of the B-Complex vitamins. Its primary role is a coenzyme in several crucial complex chemical reactions related to metabolism.
A small molecule that binds with high affinity to avidin and streptavidin. Biotin is used to label nucleic acids and proteins that may be subsequently detected by avidin or streptavidin linked to a fluorescent or enzymatic reporter molecule.
As A Treatment"...This should help to impress upon us that to pursue a true vegetarian diet, devoid of animal flesh and animal by-products is in the best interest of our health, and presents us with a "best case scenario"..."
As A Treatment"...Natural Sources Brewer's yeast, whole grains, whole soy products, unpolished rice, brown rice, most legumes (especially beans and peas), lentils, bean sprouts, raw unadulterated honey, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly..."
Dog Food ] Biotin strengthens the claws and keeps them from chipping and cracking.
As A Treatment"...tobacco (nicotine), cola drinks, most soft drinks (other than natural juices), coffee (caffeinated and decaffeinated), chocolate (cocoa), inorganic mineral water (tap, well, spring), polluted air, refined sugar and refined sugar substitutes, overcooking foods (especially over 130┬░), refined and processed foods, long term storage of foods, freezing of foods, canning of foods, commercial..."
vitimin H used topically to promote strength and flexibility of hair and nails while contributing positive effects on scalp and hair roots. Used in volume clarifying shampoo for fullness in fine, thinning hair.
A molecule that can be incorporated into dUTP and used as a non-radioactive label for a DNA probe.
When taking high doses of alpha lipoic acid, it is important to also take biotin because alpha lipoic acid can compete with biotin and interfere with its activity in the body.