Definitions for "biotechnology"
same as bioengineering.
Overall term for the scientific techniques that use living cells and organisms to produce new foods and chemicals for both medical and agricultural uses. The term bioengineered foods is also used for crops and processed foods produced this way.
1. Use of living organisms or their products to make or modify a substance. These include recombinant DNA techniques (see genetic engineering) and hybridoma technology. 2. Industrial application of the results of biological research, particularly in fields such as recombinant DNA or gene splicing, which permits the production of synthetic hormones or enzymes by combining genetic material from different species.
leaders of the Human Genome project (HGP) and representatives of the biotechnology company Celera announced the completion of a ... (IOOakRidge) Biotecnologia... concordo que a biotecnologia, e a genômica em particular, tem sido também objeto de exagero. (POFapesp2)
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