Definitions for "Biome "
a specific type of complex ecological community characterized by specific environmental conditions and a distinctive group of plants and animals, maintained in a relatively stable equilibrium, such as a rain forest biome or prairie biome.
a particular region which is a biome{1}.
A set of plant communities that have similar life-forms, generally expressed at a continental scale (e.g., the coniferous biome).
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002
Biome is a simulation library aimed at individual-based or agent-based simulations . Its features include a fast rng, an event-based scheduling system, Qt classes for graphs and histograms, a basic persistence framework, an analysis framework, and many more.
a certain area in the world where living things live
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an area on the earth's surface that has a certain set of characteristics
a rather broad category with considerable variation around the Earth, but it includes an area of the earth that has similar physical and/or biological characteristics