Definitions for "Bins"
Keywords:  appalling, abbreviation
An appalling abbreviation for binoculars
Round concrete or corrugated metal covered structures which are used to store grains. They can be found on farms and at commercial storage businesses. Some are equipped with fans to move air through the grain to keep it in good condition. Some are equipped with fuel-fired burners which can be used to dry the moisture in grain down to proper storage levels.
Wooden boxes for holding the grain
Storage areas in refrigerators designed primarily to keep meats, fruits and vegetables at optimum preservation temperature levels. Bleach or Fabric Softener Dispenser Dispensers can be set to automatically disperse detergent, bleach, or fabric softener at the correct time in the wash cycle.
Open containers usually used for storing small stock keeping units.
Large containers used to store smaller items.
metaphorical drawers, holding files of digitized tape. In non-linear editing, sections of field tape are digitized into the AVID and stored in bins. This sounds confusing but it will become clear with your first edit.
Term for bass speakers on a PA rig; large, acoustically designed speaker cabinets.