Definitions for "Bin"
Business Identification Number
A set of emissions standards under the new U.S. Tier 2 emissions program. The lower the bin number, the lower the vehicle's tailpipe emissions.
Bank Identity Number
Macbinary II encoded file format. Compressed format used by the Macintosh platform.
Bin is a "BIN"ary file type which is used for CD-images made by CDRWin ( and Fireburner ( Other programs now support the BIN file type--at least for burning; notably Alcohol and Nero.
A common Mac file extension. Files ending in ".bin" have been encoded in MacBinary format. To decode a .bin file, you need a program like Stuffit Expander.
A box, frame, crib, or inclosed place, used as a receptacle for any commodity; as, a corn bin; a wine bin; a coal bin.
a walled enclosure built on the deck of a barge for the purpose of retaining cargo; also called a pen or cargo box.
Shredded paper ends up in the bin.
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A plucked instrument or stick zither with resonator on either end of the body.
"The North Indian stick zither. It is considered the most ancient and revered of musical instruments in India." (Neuman 271)
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This was a large metal bin, about 3 feet high, with a flat hinged top. It was used by London Transport staff for tools, fire-fighting equipment and general temporary storage. They were not designed to be used as air-raid shelters! The one Dad referred to stood on a huge traffic island in the middle of a big intersection.
Synonym for silo. This expression is sometimes used to refer to the parallel part of the silo only.
is a bunker or silo used for storage.
Bins are used to store parts when you don't need them on the workbench. The computer creates a MAIN bin automatically when you create a model file. Other bins can be created as needed to help you subdivide the parts you are working with. You can also rename any existing bins as needed to make sense to you. It is important to remember that a part exists either in the bin or on the workbench but cannot exist in both places at the same time. If you delete a part from the bin or the workbench, you are taking it completely out of the model file.
In Final Cut Pro, the window that contains your clips, transitions, effects, and generators. The bin lets you organize all of these elements, sort them, add comments, rename items, and so on.
A database in which master clips, subclips, effects, and sequences are organized for a project. Bins provide database functions to simplify organizing and manipulating material for digitizing and editing.
A container into which hard copy outputs will be placed for pick up by customers or couriers.
a large collection container for trash or recyclables typically used by restaurants, apartment buildings or offices. Commonly referred to as a Dumpster, it comes in various sizes.
Abbreviation for "binary." bin is frequently used as the name of a directory on a UNIX file system intended to contain executable programs, such as operating system utilities, or CGI programs in asubdirectory of a Web server's content root.
Following a man's given name and preceding a man's father's or grandfather's name. Means "son of."
Arabic for "son of"
'son of'.
A pigmented shellac (alcohol based) primer sealer (made by Zinnser Co.) Quick-drying with very good stain sealing qualities (e.g. knots, water-stains, smoke damage). Shellac is water soluble, so it is not a good product for exteriors.
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something rubbish (garbage) is kept in – rubbish bin.
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n. 1. Waste paper basket.
The bin is where you place the paper into the collator. Some collators have up to 30 bins.
In AFP support, the standard-size paper source on the IBM 3820.
The systematic dividing of distribution of performance parameters (Flux, Color or CCT, and Vf) in to smaller groups that meet aesthetic requirements of the assembly. Although the word “bin” is the preferred term, sometimes one will find the word “rank” in use.
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Buy it Now. A fixed price auction.
Acronym for Buy It Now. Auction term used to define item that you can buy right away without waiting for the auction to end. Acronym is usually used in the auction title to save space.
Buy It Now - The price to buy a domain now rather than making an offer or bidding in an auction format.
Billboard Information Network
Abbreviation for binary. All input to a computer is binary. Binary means made up of two parts. The two parts are combinations of O and 1 data bits. Binary is also a techie term for a computer program.
a list of edge points that are approximately collinear
A binary certificate format, 8-bit compatible version of PEM.
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A structure for holding compost.
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Shorthand for the Supply Bin, where VTs are purchased.
A measurement within a profile, generally equivalent to a single-point current meter on a mooring.
The term given to a single increment in a processor's multiplier. A bin usually consists of an increase of 0.5.
Diverted packages are sent into various bins on the system for manual processing.
Blue Ink Net. The server that the Blue Ink Client connects to for numerous activities such as user authentication, community services and payment authorization.
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An old form of Be and Been.
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To put into a bin; as, to bin wine.
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Refers to binary or binaries.
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See l2bin.