Definitions for "Bikini"
Keywords:  panty, navel, denim, thong, waistband
The style of panties that is low-cut & fits around the hips.
Style of panties, low cut & fitted around the hips
A moderate coverage silhouette offering more coverage than a thong, but not as much as a brief. Bikinis have waistbands which usually lay somewhere between the navel and hip (unless Low Rise) and have semi-hi-cut legs and a moderate coverage back panel. String bikinis offer considerably less coverage than an average bikini. Bikinis are a super comfortable medium coverage silhouette that won't show thru under heavier fabrics like denim or wool. View our full selection of Bikini Panties
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a woman's abbreviated two-piece bathing suit
a type of women's bathing suit, characterized by two separate parts-one covering External links
a type of women's bathing suit , characterized by two separate parts -- one covering the breasts, the other the groin and buttocks, leaving an uncovered area between them
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a thoughtless act"
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Bikini is a Hungarian rock band.