Definitions for "Bike"
ride a bicycle
an excellent choice for commuting, providing personal travel at the times and to destinations desired
a riding instrument used for sport
Keywords:  vehicle, kuski, tisks, elma, wheels
The vehicle the kuski uses to drive through the Elma worlds. U: Tisks physics analyses
a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame
a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
a heartfelt tribute to the soldiers whose names appear on the Memorial's famous wall and their still-missing comrades
"Bike" is a song by British progressive rock band Pink Floyd, and is featured on their debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967). It also appears on two Floyd compilation albums: Relics (1971) and (2001). On all three albums, it is the final track.
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a Burley Rumba Softride
Keywords:  hassle
a hassle in LA
a freedom to roam,without rules and without adults
an anarchist's best friend -freedom is what it's all about
a cheap form of transportation if you live in a place where it's possible and it's good for the environment
a cheap instrument and nothing else for a Japanese
Keywords:  great, runaway, mess, london, gears
a great instrument for a runaway boy
a great machine for getting
a great option for most cases, I think
Keywords:  wasps, swarm, bees, ants, nest
A nest of wild bees, wasps, or ants; a swarm.
a perfect means to tour around and visit the main monasteries, and there are plenty of dirt trails in the surrounding foothills
Keywords:  everybody, i'm, happy, upright, you're
a very personal object, and if you're happy with your upright, then it's really all that matters and I'm sure everybody here recognizes that
Keywords:  it'll, kids, safe, exercise, little
a safe and effective way for kids to get around, and it'll give them a little well needed exercise
a very different thing than a skateboard
a very personal thing
Keywords:  wonderful, magical, machine, art, gears
a machine and all new machines will settle in after a bit of actual use
a simple machine that uses gears
a wonderful, magical, and artful machine
Keywords:  poverty, symbol
a symbol of poverty
Keywords:  salute, men, women, service
a salute to service men and women
Keywords:  cab, hiring, chosen, fit, item
a very personal item, chosen for its fit - hiring one is not like hiring a cab
Keywords:  resold, economy, sold, move, object
an object that can move through the economy, being sold and resold at will without itself changing
Keywords:  lot, bat, decisions, major, involves
a lot like a bat
a major purchase and involves lots of decisions
Keywords:  story, whole, different
a whole different story
Keywords:  forum, sense, gather, tool, purchase
a tool for what you use it for and places to gather information before purchase make sense like this forum
Keywords:  winter, transport, even, means, useful
a useful means of transport, even in the winter
Keywords:  five, straight
A straight to the five (5-4-3-2-A).
Keywords:  investment
an investment