Definitions for "Bight"
A corner, bend, or angle; a hollow; as, the bight of a horse's knee; the bight of an elbow.
A bend in a coast forming an open bay; as, the Bight of Benin.
The double part of a rope when folded, in distinction from the ends; that is, a round, bend, or coil not including the ends; a loop.
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Futtocks Poop
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Rigging Bilge Parts
Keywords:  bollard, mooring, ship, doubled, line
A doubled back (to the ship once around the bollard) mooring line.
Any section a line between the ends
A concavity in the outer margin of the jaw, open to the posterior.
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fasten with a bight
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See Seat bight.
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a place like a corner, closely bounded by two sides