Definitions for "BIDS"
are proposals or offers to run specified services for a certain amount of money. The purchaser decides on a service it wants to provide, usually providing written details of its requirements in a document called a specification. Organisations then put in bids or proposals to run the service. Bids should be considered against the funder's criteria. The successful organisation is awarded funding and usually enters into an official agreement with the purchaser. These agreements are usually called Service Level Agreements or Memorandums of Agreement.
ath nformation and ata ervices is one of three data centres for the UK Higher Education community. It is based at Bath University. Others are EDINA and MIMAS. All are funded by JISC. BIDS hosts many online bibliographic services including the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, PsycINFO, INSPEC for engineers, British Education Index and ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) and Ingenta (electronic journals). These services can be accessed by UWS users from the LIS Subject Services web pages.
Bath Information and Data Services: a JISC national datacentre providing access to various electronic resources. Link to: BIDS website.
A competitive system in which each bidder submits a sealed proposal to execute construction work for a specified sum. The list of bidders (bid list) is controlled by the client and architect.
Biological Integrated Detection System
See Bond Information and Dissemination System.
An offer to purchase a property for a specific set of terms.