Definitions for "Bidding"
The act or process of making bids; an offer; a proposal of a price, as at an auction.
To make an offer on an item that is up for public auction
In order to bid on an item, you must first register. Registration is free and allows you to take full advantage of our service. Once you are registered, you can locate an item by searching or by selecting the item from the appropriate category. Once you locate the item, select your Bid Amount, the Bid Quantity, enter your User ID and Password and click on the Place Bid button. You will be taken to a bid confirmation page where you can review your bid. You will automatically receive an e-mail confirming your bid.
Getting prices from various contractors and/or subcontractors.
The process by which contractors and subcontractors submit their prices for completing a job which meets the requirements depicted in construction plans and documents.
Once construction drawings and specifications are completed and approved, interested contractors with the resources and experience to build the facility submit written estimates covering the total cost of labor, subcontractors, materials, expenses, overhead, and fee to construct the facility. Often, the contractor that submits the lowest bid is awarded the project provided the firm meets minimum qualifications.
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The first phase of the game, where players try to establish the final contract by making subsequent bids.
(bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make
In Euchre, bidding involves one round where each player may order up the dealer in priority of 1st hand through 4th hand. The first player to order up becomes declarer, bidding is stopped for the hand and play begins. If no player orders up, the upcard is turned face-down, a second round of bidding allows each player in the same priority to name a suit as trump. The first player to name a suit becomes declarer and bidding is stopped for the hand. During this second round of bidding, the suit of the upcard may not be named. For the purposes of bidding, if the upcard is a Jack, it belongs to its real suit, and does not function as a bower. That is to say, the Jack is not a bower until a trump suit has been determined.
The process of requesting a flight schedule for flight attendants. Requests are filled according to seniority.
Distributing weight points among classes in placing online Course Requests/ Bidding Class Entry. Applies to Emory College, Goizueta Business School and Emory Law School only.
an authoritative direction or instruction to do something
Command; order; a proclamation or notifying.
The practice of posting all job openings internally so that current employees may be allowed the opportunity to apply for vacant positions prior to the employer seeking qualified candidates through other external recruitment measures.
a binding contract, and if you feel comfortable with the terms stated herein, then feel free to make your bids
Making a proposal to carry out the described project for an agreed price.
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the act of placing a bid on a listed item