Definitions for "Bidder"
An individual, partnership, firm, corporation, or joint venture, submitting a bid for a construction project.
One who submits a bid for a prime contract with the owner, as distinct from a sub-bidder who submits a bid to a prime bidder. A bidder is not a contractor on a specific project until a contract exists between him/herself and the owner.
an individual, firm, or corporation or any combination thereof submitting a proposal for obtaining a highway construction contract
is a person who places an earnest money bid on real or personality property at public auction.
(1) player who makes a bid;(slang) someone who is usually aggressive during the auction.
An individual or entity offering to purchase property at auction. This person will be allowed to place bids during the auction. A bidder is usually required to register before bidding commences.
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See Offeror.
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The LU-LU half-session defined at session activation as having to request and receive permission from the other LU-LU half-session in order to begin data exchange.
An SNA LU-LU half-session that is defined as requesting and receiving permission from another LU-LU half-session to begin a bracket at the start of a session. Contrast with first speaker. See also bracket protocol.
a legal person or other organization that responds to a tender and participates in the bid competition
one who responds to a solicitation for a bid.
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In bidding games, the player who wins the bid by making the highest bid. This earns him the opportunity of naming trumps and also of making the first play of the hand.
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One who places a bid.
A member who bids on an item on eBay. Remember each bid placed enters a buyer into a binding contract. For more information, see Rules for Buyers.
Entity who bids for available capacity during the phase-in period. Any entity capable of legally engaging in a contract in the State of Michigan is eligible to bid.
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someone who makes an offer
someone who makes a bid at cards
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One who bids or offers a price.
The person who offers a bid.