Definitions for "Bhajans"
Generally, hymns to the Divine. Also used in the sense of expression of worship through several forms, including the devotee's prayers, meditation. Worship is also work dedicated to the Divine.
devotional songs, hymns
Songs in praise of God. Bhajans in Shri Swamiji's presence are sung in very lively tempos which allow him to induce varying levels of spiritual trance ( bhava samadhi). See Swamiji's words on bhajans. hava samadhi (spiritual trance). Shri Swamiji uses his powers to give spiritual experiences for the development of devotees. Through his astral presence, devotees experience various levels of bliss, spiritual consciousness and healing. Although bhava is part of all traditions, Shivabalayogi's generous use of these phenomena is unusual. See Bhava Samadhi page and Swamiji's words on bhava.