Definitions for "Bezel Set"
Keywords:  girdle, jewelry, gem, faceted, gemstone
This is a type of setting where the gemstone is set into a piece of jewelry and completely surrounded by a metal perimeter. The outer rim of the metal is burnished, or bent over and smoothed out around the girdle of the gemstone. Bezel settings are extremely secure.
Type of setting that has the metal encircle the gem. The gem is actually grooved into the metal. A very safe type of setting.
A metal rim or band that holds a stone in place. Cabochon- A smoothed, un-faceted, dome cut stone with a flat base. Cameo- A layered stone, shell, coral, or lava carved in relief. Camphor Glass- A term used to describe a rock crystal or colorless quartz. Ever so common in and around 1920's jewelry making. Carat- Unit of weight for gemstones.