Definitions for "Best practices"
Methodologies that provide beneficial results. Some best practices are general in nature and can be applied to almost every industry; other best practices are industry-specific.
PeopleSoft best practices are the successful institutional practices used as models for the PeopleSoft software.
standardized business processes selected for adoption thoughout an organization. Business processes include purchasing procedures and other matters requiring communication and record keeping. When an organization-wide data processing system is installed to automate these processes it is necessary to unify the divergent methods formerly employed in the various departments. The standard procedure agreed upon may optimistically be called the best practice though it is very likely a compromise. In the case of the PeopleSoft project, certain business procedures are mandated by the design of the software.
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Exemplary, effective services designed to assist persons with mental disabilities, such as Supported Employment, Supported Housing, and Assertive Community Treatment
New ideas or lessons learned about effective program activities that have been developed and implemented in the field and have been shown to produce positive outcomes.
A set of processes of methodologies that operate effectively and deliver results.
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strategic approach to maintain personal and/or business production at a level that creates customer satisfaction; a continuous improvement strategy that is applied to address issues such as cost controls and quality and to make just-in-time inventory systems work.
Strategies, programs, and initiatives that have been formally evaluated and documented as consistently producing positive, desired results.
methods of performing a process or sub-process that have been identified inside or outside of the organization and which are validated, codified, diffused, and shared with others to encourage reciprocity and knowledge sharing. View records related to this term
Successful innovations or techniques of top-performing organizations.
Examples of field-based activities, operational procedures or capacity building approaches that are successful and sustainable in social and environmental terms and can be readily adopted by other individuals or organizations.
The procedures and policies that allow a business to outperform all other in a particular business process.
A case study considered to be a good example of a business discipline.
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What works and does not work in the laboratory-classroom.
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programs, initiatives or activities which are considered leading edge, or exceptional models for others to follow.