Definitions for "Best Practice"
A superior method or innovative practice that contributes to the improved performance of an organization, usually recognized as "best" by other peer organizations.
Best practice is the best performing metric in a category.
Best Practice is a strategy or program for which a comprehensive review of the available literature has been completed to determine its effectiveness in addressing a given public health problem. Three types of reviews exist; in order of increasing scientific strength these are: 1) narrative, 2) qualitative, and 3) quantitative. Click here to see a table describing each.
a lesson learned or innovation that produces results so positive, and which is so widely applicable, that the action should be considered a model for others
a process, technique, or innovative use of resources that represents the state-of-the-art industry behavior
is a way of doing something which has produce d good results and that could be adapted to another situation.
an ongoing commitment by the business to change and continuous improvement in order to deliver the best possible performance.
a programme, initiative or action which results in improvement in the efficiency of management systems for the delivery of basic services
Continuous improvement of processes, products and services to ensure world-class standards of performance.
a by-product of a consistently successful end-result
a successful, goal-oriented correctional initiative that has documented its effectiveness, and impact in everyday operations
Methods that are considered “state of the art” by the most respected in an industry. Successful companies use different methods than unsuccessful companies.
State-of-industry performance or application.
A term used to describe generally agreed upon processes, derived from experienced industry experts, which should be undertaken when deploying projects in order to decrease operational and financial risk. [Source: 2005 SSP Glossary
The top-performing operation or application in a given industry.
a non-normative document accompanying a UDDI
a source of competitive advantage to the organisations using it
A process of benchmarking against competition to find out how the best is done.
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the finest examples that can be found of the way to do something.
a resource promoted by management as a recommendation
Recommendations regarding processes or techniques for the use or implementation of products or services.
a specific process that works and creates ideas, options and insights for others
a particular technique or approach considered to be an excellent example of effective performance; sometimes described in the form of a case study.
Best procedure or approach.
Guide and documentation to describe and standardize the use of metadata elements that best support a community's needs.
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Detailed description