Definitions for "Berm"
A narrow shelf or path between the bottom of a parapet and the ditch.
A ledge at the bottom of a bank or cutting, to catch earth that may roll down the slope, or to strengthen the bank.
a mound of earth, often linear
The ridge of material formed on the outer edge of the trail that projects higher than the center of the trail tread.
A small ridge of soil that directs the flow of rain and irrigation water toward drains or sewers.
A ridge of soil and debris along the outside edge of a fireline, resulting from line construction. see also: Throw Out
A high earthen levee surrounding most large U.S. bases
A raised section of earth that is built in place with earthen fill for the purposes of landscape or drainage control.
Cotoured landscaped area, normally found on commercial or industrial properties that act as a buffer within the site plan for that particular enterprise
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A low earth fill constructed in the path of flowing water to divert its direction, or constructed to act as a counterweight beside the road fill to reduce the risk of foundation failure (buttress).
narrow edge of land (usually unpaved) along the side of a road
The sharp definitive edge of a dredged channel such as in a rock cut.
A build-up of asphalt or concrete which prevents run-off water from entering a garage or driveway
A built-up lip of concrete designed to prevent runoff water from entering the garage or driveway.
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Bivalate Blockhouse
Raised sections of asphalt or cement which runs along the inside and/or outside of a turn, usually painted colors to offset it from the track. Primarily used at apexes and track-out points as a driver's aid.
The Berm of Western Sahara (Also known as the Moroccan Wall) is an approximately 2,700 km-long defensive structure, mostly a sand wall (or "berm"), running through Western Sahara and the southeastern portion of Morocco. It acts as a separation barrier between the Moroccan-controlled areas and the rump Polisario-controlled section of the territory that lies along its eastern and southern border.
The opposite bank to the towpath.
a side bank of a canal, also known as the heelpath.
Bank of aggregate and earth created to provide visual screening
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An oblong landform on the course.
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The wall of snow built up in a corner.
Strip of ground between the outer curtain wall and the moat
A bern is an elevated mass of soil for planting trees, shrubs, flowers, or other plants; berms are generally used for property borders or to add privacy. Berms can vary significantly in size, from only a few inches to several feet.
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a nifty way to add planting space in a limited area
perimeter line of a fortification; usually raised above surrounding area
A barrier adjacent to a facility to intercept and deflect water and noise; can also provide visual screening.
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Best And Final Offer