Definitions for "Bequest"
The act of bequeathing or leaving by will; as, a bequest of property by A. to B.
That which is left by will, esp. personal property; a legacy; also, a gift.
To bequeath, or leave as a legacy.
Giving of assets, such as bonds, mutual funds, real estate and personal property to beneficiars through the provisions of a will.
a clause in your will that directs the executor of your Will to distribute a portion, or in some cases all of your estate to your preferred charity
a legal provision made by will, naming, for instance, the Rhode Island College Foundation as recipient of the whole or a portion of an individual's personal estate
a concrete way in which you can ensure that your wishes for the future are granted
an easy and cost-efficient way to provide significant support for the College and the students it serves
a powerful way of assisting ANU long into the future
a flexible planning tool that can be created or changed with relative ease over your lifetime
a powerful statement of your concern and care for homeless animals
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(noun) A will
After this dream, pleasures of consolation from the knowledge of duties well performed, and the health of the young is assured.
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A sum of money made available upon someone's death.
An item or sum of money left in a will
A sum of money or specific item left to a beneficiary.
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That which is given by the terms of a will.