Definitions for "Benign"
Of a kind or gentle disposition; gracious; generous; favorable; benignant.
Exhibiting or manifesting kindness, gentleness, favor, etc.; mild; kindly; salutary; wholesome.
Of a mild type or character; as, a benign disease.
Hernia Receptor
Immunotherapy Scabies
Immunotherapy Premenstrual
Idiopathic Sedentary
Idiopathic Quiescent
Implantation Purpura
Iatrogenic Purpura
Immunoassay Remission
Innervation Remission
Hyperbilirubinemia Recombinant
Hypoplasia Recombinant
Hoarseness Proximal
Hypotension Proximal
Lesion Radioimmunotherapy
Lesion Symptomatic
Keywords:  proteus
Immunotoxin Preoperative
Keywords:  immunogenic, preclinical
Immunogenic Preclinical
Keywords:  hypothyroidism, rubella
Hypothyroidism Rubella
Hysterectomy Placentation
Keywords:  psychiatry
Keywords:  incarceration
Keywords:  pruritus, impregnation
Impregnation Pruritus
not harmful, not recurrent or progressive
1. Something that does not metastasise and treatment or removal is curative. source 2. Causing no harm.
Keywords:  hydrocephalus, punctures
Hydrocephalus Punctures
Keywords:  purulent, herpes
Herpes Purulent
Keywords:  radiology
Keywords:  hyperplasia
Keywords:  puberty
Inflammation Psychogenic
Inflammation Rectal
Keywords:  riboflavin, hypertension
Hypertension Riboflavin
Keywords:  noncancerous
Keywords:  ganglia, prenatal
Ganglia Prenatal
Keywords:  inhibin, rectum
Inhibin Rectum
Immunohistochemistry Pulse
Hemorrhoids Reabsorption
Keywords:  parenchyma, hormones
Hormones Parenchyma
Keywords:  intermittent
Keywords:  infusion, heredity, proteins
Infusion Proteins
Heredity Proteins
Keywords:  reflex
Keywords:  smile, pleasant, beneficial, sky, pure
pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence; "a benign smile"; "the benign sky"; "the benign influence of pure air"
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What you are after you be eight.
what you be after you be eight
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Incision Respiratory
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Glucose Posterior
Keywords:  invasive, secretion
Invasive Secretion
Keywords:  inhalation, spectrum
Inhalation Spectrum
Keywords:  danger, health, means, your
Benign means no danger to health
not dangerous to your health
Keywords:  recovery, favorable
Favorable for recovery.
Keywords:  humoral
Keywords:  serious, effects, condition
A condition which has no serious effects
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Inch Right-to-Know