Definitions for "Benefits"
When your employer gives you something other than salary, it is often deemed to be a taxable benefit. Common examples include company cars, medical insurance, accommodation etc.
Compensation consisting of rewards to employees other than base pay and awards, e.g., health and life insurance, retirement annuities, pay for time not worked. The Core Compensation Plan proposes no changes to the benefits of FAA employees.
In Financial Planner, benefits are the amounts you and/or your family plan to receive from: Social Security - Worker's benefits, survivor's benefits, and dependent's benefits Pension fund benefits Life insurance death benefits
Benefits which the Government pays to certain individuals in certain situations.. Examples are jobseeker's allowance, incapacity benefit, disability benefits and so on.
Benefits are paid to you by the state and include income support, child benefit, job seeker's allowance, disability benefit, housing benefit, and council tax benefit.
A range of benefits is offered by the Department of Social Security (DSS) to allow people to top-up their income if they are in a position that doesn't allow them to do this themselves. For example, unemployment benefit and jobseeker's allowance is paid as a benefit to unemployed people to fund their job searches, travel to and from interview, cost of living while out of work, etc.
something that contributes to an improvement in condition or promotes profitability for a given enterprise, either tangibly or intangibly. When writing benefits, begin with a transitive verb, such as: Improve, Maximize, Minimize, etc. Be sure to substantiate your claim; do not simply say "Improved cash flow." Instead, say, "Improved cash flow by reducing inventory overhead."
Anything contributing to an improvement in condition; advantage; help
The returns or payback expected to be obtained from the successful completion of the project. Benefits can be tangible or intangible. Tangible benefits include reduced or avoided costs for existing procedures and increased revenue from new or improved products. Intangible benefits may include improved service to clients or improved competitive position.
Part of your remuneration package paid not in cash, but in kind. Includes the use of company assets such as company cars, low interest loans and so on.
Rewards available to an employee or group of employees as a part of organizational membership.
Any non cash remuneration and cash payment made or expected to be made on behalf of employees, and any cash payment made or expected to be made to employees by way of reimbursement of expenses incurred or expected to be incurred by employees.
Direct impact on the Customer business that is realized from the purchase/use of an IONA Customer support offer.
Qualitative and quantitative improvements that occur as a direct result of achievement of the Project Goal and how the project was managed. Benefits can include: cost savings, increased profit, enhanced customer satisfaction, securing competitive advantage, increased employee morale and so on.
Benefits explain the uses and advantages of the product. Benefits explain what your product will do for the customer.
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A deeper, more active organization 1 to 3% bonus on the Group Volumes of your Fourth-, Fifth-, and Sixth-Generation Directors or on the Group Volumes of the generations on which you are entitled to receive bonuses, based on the title at which you enter the month. For example, a Royal Emerald Director qualifying for the Four-Star Bonus will receive an additional 2% bonus on the Group Volumes of his/her Fourth- and Fifth-Generation Directors. In comparison, a Blue Diamond Director qualifying for the same bonus would receive an additional 2% bonus on his/her Fourth-, Fifth-, and Sixth-Generation Directors. Note: You will be paid at the highest Elite Leadership Bonus achieved during the month. Glossary of Terms: Bonus Volume Points (BVP): Point value assigned to products. BVP is used to determine promotions, qualifications, and commissions. BVP is totaled monthly. See current Company price list and order form for BVP on individual products.
Dividends, bonus issues, and subscription rights that a company distributes to its shareholders.
A cardinal measure of economic well-being expressed in currency units. Geometrically, benefits can be computed as the area under a demand curve in the absence of external economies or diseconomies of consumption.
the enhanced efficiency, economy and effectiveness of future business or other operations to be delivered by a project or programme.
The enhanced efficiency, economy and effectiveness of future business operations to be delivered by a program. [D00145] WST
The positive implications, both direct and indirect, resulting from some action. Includes both financial and non-financial information. Characterization of benefits, and costs, can vary depending on one's viewpoint or agenda. For example, is "jobs created" a measure of benefits or costs, and for whom
Net program outcomes, usually translated into monetary terms. Benefits may include both direct and indirect costs.
Refer to Outcomes
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Sommes assurées
The amount a benefits company will pay.
Sick pay, vacation time, and other company-provided supplements to income
The amount of money the insurance company pays.
What your product or service actually does for your customer. Benefits are the crucial “what’s-in-it-for-them” that must form the core of your marketing message.
Explanation of how a product or service will positively help the person using that product or service.
a service or technology related company such as a data
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an annual effort to process the January SSA COLA
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a lively issue in Hong Kong
here defined as gross economic benefits derived from use of a resource. Not to be confused with net benefits where opportunity costs are subtracted from gross benefits.
The economic value of a scheme, usually measured in terms of the cost of damages avoided by the scheme, or the valuation of perceived amenity or environmental improvements.
Positive effects of a Treatment or of participating in a Clinical Trial.
The positive effects (usually the purpose of) a business improvement project.
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What the customer gets from your features in order to fill needs.