Definitions for "Bending"
This is one of the fundamentals of glassblowing, referring to shaping heated glass with mechanical force. With respect to bead making, very little force can be tolerated, but gravity certainly is used to influence the shape of a bead. There are several techniques used to manipulate glass that are forms of bending, such as raking.
A process used to produce bent glass in which a plate of glass is placed in a horizontal mould and then slowly heated at approximately 600°C, at which the glass softens sufficiently and takes the shape of the mould. The glass is then slowly cooled to avoid any internal stress.
Changing the shape of metal sheet using successive pairs of forming rollers. Bending does not change the thickness of the metal except at the bend radius where a slight thinning occurs. Generally applied to forming it is the creation of a formed feature by angular displacement of a sheet metal workpiece.
movement that causes the formation of a curve
A force to alter an existing shape, as in curving a straight shape or vice versa. A reason rebar is set in foundations.
A mechanical process, by which rollers, bending shoes or mandrels are used to bend a curved section on metal tubes, rods or other shapes.
In the expression "proper bending qualities," the ability of containerboard or combined board to be folded along scorelines without rupture of the surface fibers to the point of seriously weakening the structure.
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the act of bending something
The act of pushing or pulling a string sideways across the a fret to raise the pitch of a note by a half to full tone or more. Used extensively in rock and blues playing as well as in jazz.
This article is about the structural behavior. For other meanings see Bending (disambiguation).
The ratio of the curvatures of a lens’s two refracting surfaces.
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not remaining rigid or straight; "tried to support his weight on a bending cane"
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a local non-electrostatic effect
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Forward motion of the upper body from the waist.
The marking of the clothes with stripes or horizontal bands.
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A video problem when the top of the screen hooks or bends to the side. Also known as 'hooking."