Definitions for "benchmark"
A standard, used for comparison. For example, the Nasdaq may be used as a benchmark...
Any permanent mark to which other levels may be referred.
A horizontal mark at the water's edge with reference to which the height of tides and floods may be measured.
Bloomington award for gold certified and survivor combo.
Bloomington award for Corvettes achieving both gold certified and survivor status.
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Crude oil price Benchamrks were first introduced in the mid 1980's. There are three official benchmarks, WTI, Brent Blend, and Dubai.
Refers to a major milestone that will enable parents, students, and educators to monitor progress during the year.
Also "Milestone", outstanding points of company development, whose achievement e.g. means weighing up further capital input.
a periodic planned revision
estimates are normally based on a sample or less than complete information. Revision of initial data based upon reasonably complete information is called a benchmark.
the value for an indicator that has some defined environmental significance (or threshold) in the functioning of the natural system. An example is the concentration of pollutants that can be tolerated without damaging health. Whereas targets have a basis in policy and reflect human values, benchmarks are scientifically determined ( see targets)
an approximate reflection of reality, it is not reality itself
The mix of currencies, investment instruments, and duration that reflect the reserve manager's tolerance for exposure to liquidity, credit, and market risks.
A goal or best practice. The benchmarking process involves a continuous and systematic analysis of curriculum and its development process. The benchmark evolves as the curriculum evolves.
An agreed goal or level a company needs to meet in order secure funding from an investor.
A goal that you devise to determine whether your application provides acceptable response delays for a specific task. See also response delay.
Value used as a reference for similar financial assets for managing a portfolio.
a reference portfolio for active management such as the S&P500 or weighted average market indices. The goal of the active manager is to exceed the benchmark return
container Container Identifies the instrument for use as the benchmark or reference. The identifier used here is the same that would be used in an instrumentIdentifier.
a newsletter that keeps members informed of the activities of AJA and its membership, At every meeting held by AJA, time is set aside for members to meet and discuss problems and issues facing their courts
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a hurdle that companies should (be able to) clear
a sample of work that illustrates a category or score on a scoring rubric.
an operational statement defining what the student will have to do to demonstrate mastery of the assigned material
a specific statement of what a student should know and be able to do at a specified time in his/her schooling
data recorded in a very quiet environment to obtain the maximum possible accuracy the engine can provide.
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a term originally used by surveyors
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what happens when your saw hits the bench
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A process or system to use as a template or starting point. Can be a noun or a verb (to benchmark).
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a program or routine that does no useful work, other than to assess the CPU
a program written specifically for this purpose
Beneficiary - Nomination of Preferred Beneficiaries form
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a method to simulate a heavy load on a computer
a reliable total to which much less reliable estimates are controlled
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a tool for evaluating the success of a process
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Bid Or Sell Price
Another word often used for indicator.
An index or combination of indices used to characterize a manager.
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Benchmark error Benchmark issue
An internal job matched to an external job of similar content.
a group of securities that are similar or identical to the ones in the fund