Definitions for "beltane "
Beltane is a Web-based central management console for the samhain file integrity system. If samhain is used in a client/server setup, beltane enables the administrator to browse client reports, acknowledge them, and update file signature databases stored centrally on the log server.
A festival of the heathen Celts on the first day of May, in the observance of which great bonfires were kindled. It still exists in a modified form in some parts of Scotland and Ireland.
April 30th and/or May 1st. One of the eight Sabbats celebrated by Wiccans and many Neo-Pagans. Also commonly known as May Eve, May Day, Walpurgis Night, and Bealtaine.
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The first day of May (Old Style).
West Kingdom May Crown Investiture. One of three times a year a new King & Queen are crowned.