Definitions for "Beautiful Mind"
a beautiful biography- A truly amazing biography that brings to light what no one truly saw in his lifetime
a beautiful film, it has
a beautifully made film that I can't recommend highly enough
a beautiful movie
a big, mainstream movie biopic
a fantastic movie so I'm in a bit of a sappy
a beautifully written, effectively acted, and meticulously crafted effort that is likely to remind
a miserable effort
a poignant reminder of this truism
a deeply affecting ode to extraordinary achievement and unfulfilled potential, its bittersweet meditations underpinned by the conviction that we should never lose faith in our dreams of a better tomorrow
an actor's dream job
a mind empty of self and full of love and compassion for others
a questioning mind, that is curious and engaged- that pursues its passions happily, that constantly thrists for knowledge
a bout an extremely intelligent individual who is an expert in mathematics
a success because of the director's ability to include emotional themes into a story with such strong scientific and mathematical background
a vivid portrait of the world of top-level mathematics in postwar America
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a "Jew-basher
a tragic and inspiring masterwork that showcases one of the most impressive acting performances in recent memory
a book book is a collection of leaves of paper, parchment or other material, bound together along one edge within covers
a brilliantly written book
a compelling book about a phenomenal figure
a gripping melodrama with a whopper of a Sixth Sense -style twist
a clever and momentous score in its highlights and a solid background listening experience in its moodier lengths
Keywords:  crap, piece
a piece of crap
a Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures co-production
an effective pedagogical tool for the ruling class
Keywords:  soul
a beautiful soul
Keywords:  cinema, written, piece, directed, acted
a beautifully-written, beautifully-acted, beautifully-directed piece of cinema
Keywords:  worthy, addition, list
a worthy addition to the list
Keywords:  fairly, easy, read, interesting
an interesting and fairly easy read
Keywords:  affirmation, life
an affirmation of life
Keywords:  completely, animal, different
a completely different animal