Definitions for "Beamer"
cut to the server's head or shoulders
Its a delivery which passes at or about the head height of batsman without bouncing from the pitch. Such delivery is considered as NO Ball and repeated beamers from a bowler can cause the bowler to be banned for the remaining of the match.
a head-high full toss," shrugs bellicose Aussie legend Merv Hughes
This is a term used for an LCD or Data Projector.
American expression for projector (from beam).
Beamer is a La Te X class for creating presentations. It works together with pdflatex, dvips and Ly X. The name derives from the German word "Beamer", a pseudo-anglicism for video projector.
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A tool, commonly made from the lower leg bone (metapodial) of a bison or elk, that was used to scrape animal hides.
Ruddy-cheeked display of embarrassment. See also riddie.
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US name for someone who works for IBM (I-BeaMer – get it?). Fell into disuse after the general public started using the term to refer to any BMW automobile.
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an old fart who drives his Buick (or Rover) around with the high beams on all the time
an editorial assistant, formerly an intern