Definitions for "Beacon"
A signal fire to notify of the approach of an enemy, or to give any notice, commonly of warning.
A signal, such as that from a lighthouse, or a conspicuous mark erected on an eminence near the shore, or moored in shoal water, as a guide to mariners.
A high hill near the shore.
A device to assist in monitoring multicast transmissions.
Low-power carrier generated by an auxiliary transmitter. May be unmodulated for propagation tests or tracking, or modulated with telemetry or tracking data.
Relatively low-power carrier transmitted by a satellite, allowing the controlling engineers on Earth to monitor telemetry data or track the satellite.
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Français : Balise Deutsch : Bake, Ortsbake
A navigation stake or a pole in a waterway. Balise or fiche in French.
A stake, or something similar, that is used to indicate caution in an area or to aid in navigation.
To give light to, as a beacon; to light up; to illumine.
any fixed lighted or unlighted daymark.
a strong rotating light located at an airport
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A special frame used by media access control to announce to the other stations that the ring is broken. The resulting action attempts to restructure the network to account for the probable fault.
a mid-size, unisex frame with a rectangular, boxy shape and subtle surface design features that make it an all around, style-driven, performance piece
Frame from a Token Ring or FDDI device indicating a serious problem with the ring, such as a broken cable. A beacon frame contains the address of the station assumed to be down. See also failure domain.
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500's: You have a lot of work to do. 600's: You're not done yet. 700's: You're golden. 800's: You're God.
Beacon is the name of two fictional characters published by Big Bang Comics. The Beacon of Earth-A (Julie Gardener) is a Silver Age character. The Beacon of Earth-B (Scott Martin) is a Golden Age character.
An underwater device which continually sends out a repetitive signalat a preset frequency. Pingers are used to mark locations or objects underwater for later recovery or relocation. The amount of time a pinger can be deployed is dependent on its battery life.
Also known as Road-Side Unit and RSU. The roadside infrastructure component of an ETC system; a receiver or transceiver that identifies the On-Board Unit in the vehicle, and identifies the account, permitting an electronic toll transaction to occur.
A small transparent 1x1 pixel image that is show to web users to track their progress or actions in an ad campaign or other web site activity.
a snippet of code placed in an ad, on a Web page, or in an email which helps measure whether the ad, page or email was delivered to the browser and to track actions in general. Also known as a clear GIF or pixel tag.
a hidden link to a one pixel transparent image
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The FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Center logo features a beacon. It's a bright, powerful brand icon — with each color symbolizing the many strengths of FedEx. FedEx Orange for time-definite global express shipping services. FedEx Green for day-definite ground shipping services. FedEx Blue for retail business service centers. And at the heart of the beacon, where the colors converge, is FedEx Purple — representing the "can do" spirit shared by all FedEx companies.
Expressions Beam Expressions
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binary search Bluebird break BYACC
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shine like a beacon
1. In a local government context a "beacon" council is one which is considered by central government to have achieved excellence in a particular field from which other councils can learn. The Beacon Council Scheme was introduced as a result of the Governments 1998 White Paper Modernising Local Government: In Touch with the People. Each year, Ministers from across Government select themes in service areas that have a direct impact on the quality of life of local people. Councils are invited to apply, either individually, or in partnership with other councils, under the themes where they can demonstrate that an excellent service is being provided. For more information go to http:// 2. The beacon concept has also been applied to other areas such as partnerships
Beacon is the name given by the Stentor alliance of telephone companies to its plan for the construction of a two-way (or switched) broadband network.
that which provides guidance or inspiration; the Constitution has been a beacon for civil rights activists.
A particular feeling or energy signature generated by vampires. The beacon can be masked, and modified, but generally cannot be eliminated.
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To furnish with a beacon or beacons.
an incredible space in which to view contemporary art
An individual who, while receiving direct sensorial stimuli from an intended target, acts as a focus of attention for the receiver in AC experiments.
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The name of a credit score through Equifax.
Boston Exchange Automated Communication Order-Routing Network. This system permits the automatic execution of trades based on the current stock prices on the consolidated markets at any of the US securities exchanges.
a small string of code, embedded in a web page that is typically used by the site owner or a third party to measure site traffic, unique visitor counts, and advertising
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a device that delivers a short message to anyone who enters the sector it was left in
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That which gives notice of danger.
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a very useful tool to indicate the condition of the band over a period of time