Definitions for "Beach"
Pebbles, collectively; shingle.
The shore of the sea, or of a lake, which is washed by the waves; especially, a sandy or pebbly shore; the strand.
To run or drive (as a vessel or a boat) upon a beach; to strand; as, to beach a ship.
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an amateur facial unstable environment which exposes plants and animals to harsh conditions
an unstable boob drunk environment which exposes plants and animals to harsh conditions
an unstable environment which boob grab exposes plants and animals to harsh conditions
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Fun word for bunker..
a wonderful place to take a groupof children, for sheer fun and for learning
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a serious obstacle for a distance of ten miles from its mouth, near Isigny
The “Thank God” we made it point in Gardner. The beach is the 23 mile take-out and the 16 mile put-in. A few trips up and down the beach and the blood starts flowing in your bottom again.
means lands and waters lying seaward of the seawall or line of permanent vegetation and within three miles seaward of the mean low-water mark.
a Jungian therapist in private practice in NYC and Jersey City an Episcopal priest and a writer on the feminine aspects of the Divine
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a lively town with a lot of activities
a tough market and such a small town to get freelewnce gigs in
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a great stop between Hanoi and Saigon
a haunting song about a person so wrecked ("spit out by an ocean who had tired of me") that he could not sink deeper, and that thought challenges him and provides the needed spirit to his will
Keywords:  hatchery, turtle, crush, driven, eggs
a turtle hatchery, and vehicles driven on them crush the eggs
Keywords:  quay, martin, soul, circular, feel
a place where a man can feel etc
a place where a man can feel He's the only soul in the world that's real
a public place, but a public place covers Martin Place and Circular Quay, and even public activities
a flexible barrier which will be eroded during the storm but rebuilt quickly afterwards
a new building with luxury apartments situated only m for Javea Javea Spain
Advertising Advertising panels affixed to lifeguard towers or other structures located at or near a beach.
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a coffee shop with outdoor tables
a small but beautiful hotel with a special architectural structure
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land on a beach; "the ship beached near the port"
a dynamic environment located where land, sea, and air meet
Refers to land.
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The area between extreme high and low water lines.
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a Way Of Life