Definitions for "BCC"
Blind Carbon Copy is a copy of an email message sent to a recipient whose email address does not appear in the message. This is in contrast to To and Cc recipients, whose addresses do appear in the respective header lines. Every recipient of the message can see all the To and Cc recipients, but does not know about Bcc recipients.
Blink Carbon Copy, more information ...
This feature of your email software allows you to send the same message to several people at the same time but in a way that doesn't allow the recipients to know who else got the message.
Basal Cell Carcinoma. Most common type of skin cancer that originates from basal cells. Usually appears as a red lump or scaly area. Rarely spreads to other organs (metastasizes).
Basal Cell Carcinoma. A cancer that develops in cells found in the deepest layer of the skin - basal cells.
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Is a Binary Coded Character.
Block check character. The result of a transmission verification algorithm accumulated over a transmission block, and normally appended at the end, for example, CRC or LRC. See: block.
(Box Creating Commands) Sometimes box components are pre-initialized or data dependent. In such cases a box creating command is used: it is able to build block by block a box and to attach data to the components being created. This is how foreign format files are loaded into Pacco: the box structure depends on the file being read and components must be filled with file data.
brigade coordination cell
Brigade Command Course
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ay ommand onsole
Behavior Change Communication. Designed to achieve measurable objectives, reach and involve specific audiences and position health practices persuasively as a benefit in the minds of the intended audience. People at different stages in the behavior change process may constitute distinct audiences and require different messages and different approaches, whether interpersonal communication, mass media or community mobilization. The key program elements of BCC are audience participation, recognition of behavior change as both a social and individual process, use of mass and multimedia and development of entertainment for education purposes.
Behaviour change communication
Behavior Change Communication. Behavior change communication (BCC) is part of an integrated, multilevel, interactive process with communities aimed at developing tailored messages and approaches using a variety of communication channels. BCC aims to foster positive behavior; promote and sustain individual, community, and societal behavior change; and maintain appropriate behavior.
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Bacillus Coli Communis
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Boise Cascade Co
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Black Cat Club Black fur (teensy-weensy to 100%) required.
BIBLE COMPUTER CODES, also callled "Torah Codes" by orthodox Jewish researchers. They are throughout OT Scriptures.
Bilingual Certificate of Competency
Ballot Canvas Certification
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See Biconnected Component.
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Boeing Capital Corporation
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Bristol City Council
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Bellcore Client Company
Bioaccumulative Chemical of Concern
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Board of County Commissioners
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Bumped Chip Carrier
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British Chambers of Commerce
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Border Crossing Card