Definitions for "BBL"
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abbreviation: barrel
means barrels, which are equal to 0.15899 cubic metres.
beer barrels mos months
The Borough Block and Lot number. Used in NYC as a way to uniquely identify a specific piece of property. Condos, single and multi family, apartments and even skyscrapers all have a unique BBL. Residential apartments that are not individually owned (this includes coops) do not have their own BBL.
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Blasland Bouck & Lee
Bibliography files are created by BibTeX from the citations in your document, the bibliography databases (BIB) that you specify, and the bibliography style (BST) you use. BibTeX writes the resulting bibliography to the BBL file, which is automatically included in your LaTeX document at the place where you define the bibliography.
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Bank Brussel Lambert
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Baltimore Biological Laboratories: manufacturer of microbiological media
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be back later