Definitions for "BBA"
British Banking Association.
This stands for British Bankers' Association who are the trade association for British banks.
accreditation Set up by the Government in 1966 to encourage innovation in building by issuing appraisal certificates for inventions and practices, based on an agrément board founded in France in 1958. The BBA is a member of the European Union of Agrément (UEAtc), which exists to enable appraisals in one country to be used in another. Under BBA assessment, Portakabin buildings undergo vigorous structural tests - giving you the assurance that they provide outstanding performance. Building Regulations British national regulations, that superseded local by-laws, were first put into operation in 1966 and metricated in 1972. This made the building laws uniform throughout the country.
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Black Brush Algae, not always black but grows in tufts submitted by Rex Grigg
Black Beard Algae, Black Brush Algae, or Red Algae. Looks like short black, dark-green, or dark-red hairs growing on plants and decorations. High phosphate content in the water encourages its growth
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Federal legislation that enacted significant changes to the laws governing the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  This change creates a new Medicare Part C or "Medicare + Choice.
Bai' Bithaman Ajil. A Syariah principle governing the sale and purchase contract to finance an asset on a deferred basis. The sale price includes a profit margin.
Budget Balance Available.
The amount available for expenditure for a project. Note: BBA for Indirect Cost have to be deducted from Total BBA to determine the amount available for expenditure by the Principal Investigator Calculation: BBA = Budget - Actual -Encumbrance
Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Frequently referenced tobring large savings ($115 billion from 1998-2002) in the Medicareprogram by restricting physician's reimbursement.
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blackboard architecture
Bachelor of Business Administration
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Bus Ball Array