Definitions for "BATTENS"
Keywords:  leech, sail, timber, strips, pockets
Small timber members spanning over trusses to support tiles, slates, etc.
1"x2"x4' wood strips nailed to the roof, upon which the field tile hangs.
Narrow strips of wood placed over joints in vertical wood plank siding to seal the joints.
1.The protruding fixtures on the inside walls of a vessel's hold which are used to keep the cargo away or to fasten it in place. 2. Similar structural parts to the above in truck bodies, containers and rail cars.
The protruding fixtures of the inside walls of a vessel's hold which keep cargo away from the walls of the vessel.
Members protruding from the inside walls of a vessel's hold or a (thermal) container to keep away the cargo from the walls to provide an air passage. They may be integral with the walls, fastened to the walls or added during cargo handling.
Elements of low section used to support shelves, pigeon-holes, etc.
Narrow board used to cover cladding joins or used for decorative purposes.
Keywords:  fittings, instead, aid, frames, fixing
These can be made to any size to aid the fixing of the frame, or used instead of frames for customized fittings.