Definitions for "Batch file"
A text file that consists of a number of commands to be executed one after the other. Batch files offer a convenient way to carry out a frequently executed sequence of commands by simply typing the name of the batch file.
An MSDOS text file that contains one or more DOS commands. When the name of the command file is entered on the command line, DOS executes the commands contained in the file. The .BAT extension is used to identify a batch file.
text file containing a sequence of commands for the command processor to execute. Batch files are used to save command sequences so that they can be reexecuted at any time, transferred to another system, etc. The extension of a batch file may be .BAT, .CMD, or .BTM, depending on the operating system and command processor you are using.
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Blacklist Browser Helper Object
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See Macro.
See batch program.
a series of instructions written to be handed to an interactive program running in batch mode
a collection of data records with a specified layout